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Help our students cross the finish line.

The Challenge

The existing educational support framework is insufficient, with students averaging merely 45 minutes of counseling across four years. In contrast, our students spend 45 hours on our platform over 4 years, immersing them in a rich array of content, programming, and tools, all available for free. We are dedicated to keeping this resource accessible at no charge. Still, we require your assistance to expand our impact to 30,000 under-resourced students nationwide and enhance their readiness for college and careers. An investment of just $19 per student can ensure the continued availability of our transformative platform. 

The Approach

Uprooted Academy is dedicated to empowering first-generation, low-income students of color and their families to successfully navigate the college process, connect with promising careers, and cultivate mental wellness, all aimed at bridging the racial wealth gap. In response to rising loneliness, stress, the closure of physical community centers, and the lack of adequate time within school settings, we've transformed the traditional community center concept into a dynamic online environment. Here, students can access both asynchronous and synchronous programming, engage with peers, link up with universities, companies, and professionals, and address academic needs that might otherwise go unmet.

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Corporate Volunteering

We seek to partner with like-minded companies and their employees who are passionate about empowering students as they navigate the college process, connect with careers, and foster mental health wellness to close the racial wealth gap. All one-on-one support opportunities are less than 1 hour and always virtual first. 

Our ideal partners would be dedicated to assisting low-income, first-generation students through 1:1 mentorship and guidance with the following:

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1:1 College Counseling

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Career Coaching
for Students

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Our Volunteer 

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Uprooted Academy supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 



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