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Nurturing LA:
College, Careers, Community
& Care

Our local impact initiatives in Los Angeles County embody the essence of community stewardship, serving those we walk alongside daily. While our influence extends nationwide, our heart remains in nurturing the well-being and prosperity of our local neighborhood.

Our Approach

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In-Person College Application Support

In our partner schools across Los Angeles County, we offer personalized, in-person assistance for college applications, guiding students through every step towards their higher education goals.

Career Tech Bootcamps

Our career tech bootcamps provide an alternative path for non-college bound students, offering certifications and guaranteed job placements within a year of graduation and opening doors to prosperous careers.

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Black Girls Leadership Program

Our program is dedicated to nurturing the growth of Black Girls through mentorship, empowering activities and robust wellness support, fostering a generation of confident and resilient leaders. 

Parent Programs

We empower parents with comprehensive training on the correct admissions process and provide opportunities through bootcamps, aimed at enhancing economic mobility and family stability.

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Community Health & Wellness

This serves as a cornerstone for community vitality, bringing hands-on workshops and training to students and adults. Our wellness initiatives include gardening, yoga, and community circles, all aimed at fostering a robust sense of community well-being. 

Community Impact


College Access


Economic Mobility


Career Opportunities


Mental Wellness


Community Health

Student Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it available to additional high schools?

Right now, just in Los Angeles at our partner schools in LAUSD and LBUSD, but our platform and virtual programming are free for all. If you are in Los Angeles County and are interested, contact us.

Who do you serve with this initiative?

We serve over 2000 students and families that are 100% Black and Latino in Los Angeles County at LAUSD and LBUSD schools.

What schools are you at?

We currently serve high schools within the BSAP programs at Los Angeles Unified and the BSAI programs within Long Beach Unified.

How can I volunteer?

We collaborate with businesses and individuals to positively impact our local community. To learn more about our volunteer program, please click here.

How can we give?

We are a national 501(c)3 organization, and you can give here as an individual or reach out to for foundation or corporate giving. 

Our Partners & Supporters

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