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Corporate Partnerships

Uprooted Academy is a non-profit organization that envisions a future workforce enriched by individuals well-versed in the post-secondary journey and equipped with clarity on potential careers and opportunities. We prepare first-generation, low-income students of color for seamless transitions into corporations, shaping influential futures and fostering diversity within organizations.

The Challenge

The existing educational support framework is insufficient, with students averaging merely 45 minutes of counseling across four years. In contrast, our students spend 45 hours on our platform over 4 years, immersing them in a rich array of content, programming, and tools, all available for free. We are dedicated to keeping this resource accessible at no charge. Still, we require your assistance to expand our impact to 30,000 under-resourced students nationwide and enhance their readiness for college and careers. An investment of just $19 per student can ensure the continued availability of our transformative platform. 

The Approach

Uprooted Academy is dedicated to empowering first-generation, low-income students of color and their families to successfully navigate the college process, connect with promising careers, and cultivate mental wellness, all aimed at bridging the racial wealth gap. In response to rising loneliness, stress, the closure of physical community centers, and the lack of adequate time within school settings, we've transformed the traditional community center concept into a dynamic online environment. Here, students can access both asynchronous and synchronous programming, engage with peers, link up with universities, companies, and professionals, and address academic needs that might otherwise go unmet.

Our Innovation

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Our Platform

The Uprooted Academy Community Center (UACC) is an innovative platform designed to replicate the after-school experience, with a focus on empowering low-income, first-generation students of color. It offers comprehensive resources and support for navigating the college application process, financial planning, and promoting mental wellness. At the heart of this platform is Rootie, a mascot powered by generative AI, who serves as a personal guide and mentor to users. Rootie's interactive guidance aims to bridge educational and wealth disparities, creating a nurturing environment for students, families, and educators alike.

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Our Programming

Within the UACC, we offer a blend of asynchronous and synchronous activities, ensuring students can engage at their own pace while also participating in real-time events. Our offerings include workshops on college preparation, such as navigating the FAFSA or selecting the right college, as well as academic enrichment programs spanning 3-6 weeks. Additionally, we host social programs aimed at fostering connections among students. Whether finding future opportunities, seeking information, or building meaningful connections, our programming is available from 2-10 pm, providing a comprehensive range of resources and support.

How You Can Serve

Corporate Sponsorship

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Power our Platform by connecting your solutions to our students and families. Whether it's a room takeover, ad space to help students sign up for a bank account, offering free tele-health services, or sponsoring our events, your sponsorship is pivotal in fueling our mission to keep our platform free. See our platform sponsorship opportunities. Please email us to see space availability.


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We understand the challenges that high school graduates face, with 50% of students needing help to fund their post-secondary plans or falling short on essentials like laptops or flights to campus each term. Join us in making a tangible impact on these young lives by featuring our organization in your annual giving initiatives. Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate to bridge the gap and ensure a brighter future for these deserving students connected to our local initiatives in Los Angeles County.  

Corporate Volunteering

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We're seeking like-minded corporate partners and employees passionate about empowering students and closing the racial wealth gap. Join us in providing 1:1 mentorship for low-income, first-generation students, focusing on 1:1 college application support, resume writing, career clarity conversations, and FAFSA support for parents. You can also lead a workshop in our platform based on your expertise!

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