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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Apply to Fly-In Programs

Think about this: a FREE, VIP experience at some standout colleges that are rolling out the red carpet just for you. That's what a fly-in program is all about — an all-expenses paid program where a college invites high-achieving students from underrepresented backgrounds to visit their campus. Depending on each program’s eligibility requirements, students from underrepresented backgrounds may include first-generation college-bound students, students from low-income families, students from rural areas, students of color, and LGBTQIA+ students. And yes, we’re talking 100% free – travel, stay, food, the whole nine yards. Let’s dive into why you’d want to hit that apply button, ASAP.


1.     Get the Real Campus Tour


Forget the usual college visit. Fly-in programs let you live a day (or two) in the life of a college student. It’s not about following a tour guide; it’s about diving into the student lifestyle. You’ll crash with your student host, tag along to classes, join them for meals in the dining hall, and even hang with their friends. You'll have the freedom to wander the quad, feel the campus energy, and get a real sense of the college community. It’s a full-on preview of your potential future, and it doesn’t cost a dime.


2.     Choose Wisely


Choosing a college is a massive decision, and it’s way beyond just the name. Fly-ins give you the real talk on what each campus offers. This is your shot to chat with current students, catch professors in action, and really understand if a place feels like home. Ask everything and soak in as much info as you can. Plus, seeing it all for yourself means you’re making choices based on your own experiences, not just glossy brochures or rankings. Does it feel like a place where you could thrive, study, and make lifelong friends? That’s something you can answer only by being there.


3.     Build Your Squad


Fly-in programs aren’t just about checking out campuses; they’re social networks IRL. You’ll meet students from all over, each with their own dreams and stories. These are potential future classmates, roommates, maybe even lifelong friends. Starting college with a few familiar faces? Priceless. And since everyone there is in the same boat, you’re already part of a community before Day 1.


4.     Boost Your Application Game


Here’s a little secret: attending a fly-in can make your college application stand out. It shows you’re proactive, engaged, and genuinely interested in the school. When it’s time to write those pesky essays or sit down for interviews, you’ll have real stories to tell, not just something you Googled the night before. Admissions folks love seeing that level of commitment. Some fly-in programs even offer activities like mock admissions panels, giving you the lowdown on how applications are really reviewed and what you can do to enhance your own application.


5.     Dive into Academic Life


Fly-ins offer a sneak peek into the academic life at colleges. You’ll actually sit in on the kind of classes you might take and meet professors, giving you a taste of what studying there could really be like. It's one thing to browse course catalogs, but experiencing college classes firsthand? That’s game-changing.



Fly-in programs are your chance to get a taste of college life before it even starts, and guess what? Some programs are already accepting applications! So, don't delay - scoop up a spot in our upcoming webinar to unpack the A to Z of fly-in programs. We’ll guide you from start to finish, from acing your application to making every moment count during your campus experience. Sign up today and let’s kickstart your college journey together!



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