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I'm Tiffany Green.

Meet Tiffany Green, a therapist and expert college counselor is the founder of Uprooted Academy™, an ed-tech platform designed to give students courage, confidence, and competitiveness in the college application process.  Uprooted Academy is known for its signature offering, "College Apps: 12 Steps to Finding Your Match©.” Focusing on her passion for understanding and helping alleviate educational anxiety for students, the college readiness program incorporates mental well-being and social-emotional learning while affirming different parts of their identity. In addition, providing the "cheat code" hidden from low-income, first-generation applicants could be vital in minimizing the social capital, opportunity, and wealth gap.


Tiffany earned her graduate degree in counseling psychology from Howard University and became a licensed psychotherapist. Tiffany is trained in trauma modalities, including  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  Over the next decade, she worked with TRIO, AVID, the University of New Haven, Achievement First's Charter Network, and Think Global School. She has helped guide students to all eight ivy league schools as a college counselor and served as an admissions essay reader.

 Tiffany is a Black, first-generation graduate who used education to take on new opportunities. She is an ed-tech founder merging mental health and college access. In addition, her resume includes being an adjunct faculty of undergraduate and graduate psychology and serving as a licensed therapist and college counselor for the world’s only high school that travels the globe. She encountered students from 40+ countries who studied in 12 countries on six continents in their high school journey.



years supporting students in high schools and colleges


percent of students served were low-income, BIPOC, 1st generation


the number of continents that Tiffany's students have attended college on 


the number of ivy league institutions that have accepted her students 


years as an LPC, which influences the social emotional component of all curriculums

Our founder has accomplished the following:

Our Mission

Uprooted Academy is ruthless in its pursuit to alleviate the anxiety and confusion around the college selection and application process by offering high-quality and relatable programming to meet low-income, first-generation students of color where they are at and support them on a path to confidently achieve their dreams.

Our Values

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Building a community that at its core is based on being authentic to oneself.


Providing informational wealth to our community to ensure higher learning. 


Fear is not a word we understand. Building our future in strength. 


Carrying over our excellence throughout many generations to ensure a bright future.


We are outstanding and carry a sense of pride in our high quality gusto for life.

The Vision

"I envision a world where having to leak the cheat code on the college application process is no longer necessary. That all students, regardless of race, educational legacy, or income, will have the social capital or the playbook needed so they can feel confident to apply to any school they want." 

-Tiffany Green, Founder

The Team

The members of our staff and our board of directors know what it's like to be either first-generation, low-income, or a student of color and are fighting for you to apply and succeed with confidence.

Our Supporters

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