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What You Need to Know About FAFSA Opening for 2024-2025

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The latest announcement from the federal government estimates that the 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will open in early December, two months later than its usual opening date of October 1.

Uprooted Academy would like to update you about the key upcoming dates and milestones prior to the launch of the new FAFSA.




The Pell Grant Look-Up Tables will be released. These tables show the eligibility thresholds for minimum and maximum Pell Grants by household size and adjusted gross income. Students and families can use this early awareness tool to understand the federal grant aid that may be available to them before they complete the FAFSA and receive their Student Aid Report.


The Better FAFSA Preview Tool will be available. This tool will allow counselors and students to see the process for applying for federal student aid in advance. It will be accompanied by training materials, including screenshots, to help counselors prepare to support students through the new process.


The process for obtaining an FSA ID for individuals without a Social Security number will be released. Applicants for FSA IDs will be able to verify their identity through the TransUnion credit bureau or other electronic means.

Early Fall

The Financial Aid Estimator will be released. The Financial Aid Estimator will allow students to get an early estimate of their Student Aid Index (SAI) and potential eligibility for federal student aid so they can better understand their options for paying for college. The Financial Aid Estimator will provide a more thorough and accurate estimate of a student’s federal student aid than the Pell Look-up Tables.

Before December

The FAFSA Demo will be available shortly before the form’s official release in December. Applicants can use the Demo to walk through the entire process just before the form’s release.


The 2024-2025 form will be released.

From Summer through Fall 2023, Federal Student Aid (FSA) will also be providing detailed training to inform counselors about the key changes in the application process and eligibility determination. This training will help counselors better support students and families.

In addition, FSA will provide one-page Fact Sheets about priority topics such as understanding the Student Aid Index, creating an FSA ID, assisting students with unusual circumstances, and use of federal tax information.

Uprooted Academy will continue to provide you with updates regarding the new FAFSA if and when there are any timing developments. For more information on financial aid, check out our blogs on The Top 4 Financial Aid Questions Every Student Should Ask and A Parent's Guide to Paying For College: Key Questions Answered.


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