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Maximizing Your Financial Aid: 6 Tips for More Money for College

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Your college application is not only the key to getting you accepted, it can also open a lot of doors to school-based funds for you. Uprooted Academy is here to help you learn all the ways to stand out and shine on your application so that you can get access to these funds. Let’s get started!

1. Google yourself.

It’s important to get an idea of your online image. Start by looking at your social media accounts and delete or make private anything you would not want colleges to see. Next, google yourself and see what comes up. The first page can say a lot about you. Ensure what is present accurately represents you and how you want colleges to see you. Finally, consider creating a professional account such as LinkedIn or creating a blog. Remember, you are in control of your image and can cultivate your online story so that others can get an accurate glimpse into who you are!

2. Refine your activity list.

Focus on your accomplishments, leadership experience, and community service. Don’t minimize what you have participated in—include it all; colleges value participation in groups big and small, especially if you have had any leadership experience in launching the group in the first place. Share details about what you did. For example, if you raised money, be sure to detail the cause, the method of fundraising used, and the amount of money raised. If you have volunteered, don’t forget to include that, too! Share information about where you volunteered and how many hours you contributed. Colleges love seeing students who are active and involved in their communities and passionate about their interests.

3. Learn about the different types of scholarships.

You can receive a scholarship based on merit or also look into private options.

Three types of merit scholarships are academic, athletic, and special talents.

  • Generally, private colleges and smaller state schools award academic scholarships. These scholarships are usually